Nominating Committee

Draws up the slate of candidates for the election of the Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee draws up an election ballot containing the names of candidates for Officers and Directors. This is a constitutional committee described in Article V, Section 2 (a) of the Constitution. The slate of candidates is approved by the Board of Directors at least 35 weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

The Nominating Committee members are selected and approved each year by the Board. If you are interested in serving on future Nominating Committees, please contact the current Past President or Heather Yuengling at by August 1st.

This year the 2015 Nominating Committee is developing a slate for the 2016 election of the 2017 Board of Directors. The slate will contain two nominees for President-Elect, two nominees for Treasurer, and eight nominees for Director. All nominees must agree to serve. The committee is currently active and is submitting names for candidates for the 2016 election.

Otis Shelton, 2015 Past President and Nominating Committee Chair