Global Societal Initiatives Committee

A committee organized and led by volunteers under the Societal Impact Operating Council of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers


We will facilitate the implementation of programs which enable chemical engineers to impact global societal needs executing locally, and/or partnering with communities around the world.

Who will benefit from these results?

  • The direct beneficiaries are those in the developing world whose quality of life (infrastructure, health and education) is improved through GSIC programs.
  • The global general public whose perception of chemical engineering is positively changed when the value and contribution is seen.
  • AIChE members - enabling them to use their skills in a more-fulfilling way than their day job. Service learning is being recognized as an effective educational strategy

How will the results be obtained?

  • By increasing knowledge and engagement of chemical engineers by meeting the Global Challenges.
  • By cultivating strategic relationships with other organizations which have complementary global initiatives, e.g. Engineers Without Borders - USA.
  • By fostering broad awareness across the global chemical engineering community of AIChE members' role in societal initiatives around the world. Outreach to countries with limited resources.
  • By being proactive with countries suffering from challenges that are new to them such as renewable energy in Middle East.
  • By increasing awareness on chemical engineering globally particularly for chemical engineering professionals, university students, and high school STEM students.
  • By helping universities globally be more competent and ABET accredited.
  • By identifying chemical engineering technical resources that would enable projects to have a greater societal impact; and catalyze the development of such resources.