Zoltan Nagy

Zoltan Nagy

Dr. Nagy is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University and also holds a European Research Council Research Adjunct Professorship at

Loughborough University, UK, where he was a professor of process systems engineering and Director of the Departmental Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Centre, before joining Purdue in Fall 2012.  Dr Nagy has over 12 years of experience in advanced process control, process analytical technologies and crystallization modeling and control approaches. His current research focuses on the application of systems approaches and tools in the design and robust control of batch and continuous crystallization systems and integrated particulate manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical applications. He has more than 200 publications in these

areas, and has given numerous invited talks at conferences, universities and companies worldwide.  Dr. Nagy is the Founding Editor of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Subject area of Chemical Engineering Research and Design, and associate editor for several other journals in the area of process control.

Dr Nagy is member of the steering committee of the American Association for Crystallization Technologies, and the Crystallization Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers. He received major awards and best paper prizes from IEEE, IFAC, European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Council of Chemical Research, Royal

Academy of Engineering and the European Research Council.