Zoltan K Nagy | AIChE

Zoltan K Nagy

Professor of Chemical Engineering
Purdue University

Zoltan K Nagy is a Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University, USA and holds a research professor position at Loughborough University, UK. His research focuses on pharmaceutical systems engineering, advanced process control, crystallization modeling and control approaches and advanced control of particulate systems, with application to pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food and energetic materials. He is an international expert in process intensification and advanced control application in integrated batch and continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing systems. He has published over 200 journal papers, 250 conference proceeding papers, 3 patents and cofounded two companies. He graduated over 50 PhD students and postdocs in the UK and USA. He has received awards in the areas of crystallization and control from IEEE, IFAC, European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Royal Academy of Engineering and the European Research Council and he was the recipient of the AIChE’s Excellence in Process Development Research Award (2018) and the Pharmaceutical Discovery Development and Manufacturing (PD2M) Forum Award for Outstanding Contribution to QbD for Drug Substance (2019).