Zhenyu Wang | AIChE

Zhenyu Wang

Sr. Data Analytics Engineer
The Dow Chemical Company

Zhenyu Wang is a senior data analytics engineer at Dow Inc. in Lake Jackson, TX. In his role, Zhenyu works on the development of advanced machine learning and AI methodologies improving manufacturing agility, efficiency, and reliability. He has developed and implemented data analytics techniques to solve complex industrial problems in the areas of process monitoring, fault diagnosis, process optimization, text mining, and supply chain optimization. He also leads external academic research collaborations and serves as a data science consultant in external institutes, such as DMDII and AIChE.

Zhenyu receives his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Renmin University of China, Master’s and Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida and Tufts University, respectively. He has contributed to 15 peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings and over 20 conference talks in the fields of process system engineering, big data analytics, and Industrial internet of things. He was recognized by the AIChE with the 35 under 35 award in 2020.