Zhenyu Huang | AIChE

Zhenyu Huang

Senior Flow Assurance Specialist
Assured Flow Solutions LLC.

Dr. Zhenyu Huang (Jason) is currently a Senior Flow Assurance Specialist in Assured Flow Solutions LLC., He provides engineering solutions for a variety of flow assurance issues to the petroleum industry. His expertise includes production chemistry and multiphase flows. He is the subject matter expert on wax related issues and he currently serves as the vice president of the Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Dr. Huang received his bachelor’s degree in Tsinghua University in Beijing, China in 2006 and he completed his doctoral study in 2011 with a thesis entitled “Application of the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer to the investigation of wax deposition in subsea pipelines.” Dr. Huang's recent published book "Wax Deposition: Experimental Characterizations, Theoretical Modeling, and Field Practices" provides a detailed description of both the transport theories for wax deposition modeling as well as laboratory testing methods for the establishment of appropriate field control strategies.