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Yu-Ming Tu

Yu-Ming Tu is a fourth-year Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Manish Kumar and Prof. Benny D. Freeman in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Yu-Ming received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and completed his Master of Science in the area of supported lipid bilayers and protein dynamics in Chemical Engineering at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan. His research interests include biomaterials, polymers, membrane protein biophysics, and biomimetic membranes for efficient water filtration and purification. His thesis research focuses on developing biomimetic membranes with beta-barrel and other channel proteins within a block copolymer matrix for various applications (aqueous separations, vapor transport, battery separators). Yu-Ming is also involved in the projects of droplet interfacial bilayer (DIB) tissues as responsive materials for biotic/abiotic interactions and 3D bioprinting applications.