Yizu Zhu | AIChE

Yizu Zhu

Staff Scientist of Technology & Innovation
SABIC Americas

Dr. Zhu is currently a Staff Scientist of Technology & Innovation at SABIC Americas. Prior to joining SABIC, he was senior development engineer at Aspen Technology, Principal Development Engineer at Oracle, Head of Process Modeling at Joule Unlimited, and Engineering Fellow at Liquid Light. Dr. Zhu has 30 years’ experience in process engineering and enterprise value-chain optimization spanning from developing modeling tools, data and processes, scaling up breakthrough green process technologies as well as in assessing, designing and optimizing mega-scale manufacturing process technologies in polymer, hydrogen and agri-nutrient industries for sustainability. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Dalian University of Technology, and Ph.D. degree from M.I.T., all in Chemical Engineering.