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Wessel Hengeveld

Wessel Hengeveld received his bachelor in chemical engineering at the Hogeschool van Utrecht in 2003. The drive to further develop his personal skills and knowledge made him decide to continue his education at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in 2004. The master in chemical engineering was obtained in 2007. He received a temporary appointment as research employee at the TU/e to work on his ambition to develop a spin-off company. He decided to focus on flow reactors and became an expert in this field. While working on his entrepreneurial ambitions, he worked at Shell Global Solutions in Amsterdam as a process engineer. This increased his knowledge and experience on small scale production units tremendously. Now, as co-founder of Flowid, they are specialised in flow chemistry engineering. Besides their own unique SpinPro reactors, Flowid designs and builds complete flow chemistry set-ups.