Vipin Vijayakumaran | AIChE

Vipin Vijayakumaran

In 2009, Vipin started his engineering career in Doha, Qatar, as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for a pipeline construction company. His experience positioned him to complete his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 prior to joining Provenance Consulting. 

Mr. Vijayakumaran complements his advanced education with practical industry experience to provide value to his clients as a Project Lead (formerly Mechanical Integrity Consultant) at Provenance Consulting. He has led projects from their Borger and Houston offices as well as on-site at client facilities.

He continued his professional development by completing certifications from the American Petroleum Institute (API) including the Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector and Certified Piping Inspector certifications. 

His experience includes pressure vessel and piping inspections, PSM audits, process safety information (PSI) validation, project management, mechanical integrity and reliability projects, independent protection layer (IPL) verification, engineering design, construction & pre-construction management.