Vinod Kumar | AIChE

Vinod Kumar

Lecturer in Bioenergy/Biomass Systems
Cranfield University

Dr Vinod Kumar is a Lecturer in Bioenergy/Biomass Systems at Cranfield University, UK. Dr Kumar has longstanding skills in microbial fermentation (fungal, yeast and bacterial) and extensive experiences in ‘state-of-the-art’ techniques of bioprocess optimization, bioreactor operations, scale up, molecular biology, metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. Dr Kumar has experience in bioprocess development for metabolites production from renewable sources. His research focuses on designing of microbial chassis as cell factories for overproduction of industrially important compounds using Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology tools. He has carried out research in multidimensional projects aiming at "Development of low cost, energy efficient and sustainable Bioprocesses for production of Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Biofuels and Biochemicals". His current research focuses on development of second generation biorefinery, connecting industrial and agricultural waste streams to valuable products. He has 30+ publications in peer-reviewed journals with Google Scholar Citations of 1265, h-index of 18 and ResearchGate score of 30.56.