Vangelis Simeonidis | AIChE

Vangelis Simeonidis

Research Scientist
Institute for Systems Biology

I am currently on a long-term visit to the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, USA. My visit is part of a partnership between ISB and LCSB, which aims to build strong collaborations and promote knowledge transfer between the two institutes. My research focuses on two fields: a) the development of constraint-based and control theory approaches (e.g. Flux Balance Analysis, Metabolic Control Analysis or Elementary Flux Mode analysis) for the study of metabolism; and b) the creation of kinetic-based models for the study of the dynamic behavior of biochemical systems.


My research focuses on the development of mathematical models for the analysis of biological networks. These range from fully parametrized, kinetic models of pathways to genome-scale models of either kinetic or purely stoichiometric nature. The analysis and control of metabolic flux are also among my main interests. The techniques I use for the modeling of these systems vary from kinetic and ODE-based modeling to stoichiometric and optimization-based approaches (Flux Balance Analysis being a prime example). At the same time, I develop novel and hybrid approaches for the characterization of metabolic behavior.

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