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Vanessa Coleman

Co-founder and CEO

Vanessa Coleman is co-founder and CEO of Oceanworks, the largest global marketplace for recycled plastic materials and products. Oceanworks platform provides brands with easy access to trusted regional recyclers to accelerate recycled plastic offtake, keep plastic out of the ocean, and reduce demand for new virgin materials. Oceanworks serves 100s of brands and offers 100s of thousands of tons of supply annually. Previously, Vanessa was founding CEO of breakthrough power electronics company FINsix where she raised $20M over 3 rounds of financing, closed a multi-million dollar contract with a leading laptop OEM, and stood up volume production in China. She co-founded her first venture Saha Global, a clean-water social enterprise, as a MIT graduate student in 2008 and remains an active member of the board. Vanessa is a Inc 35 Under 35 recipient, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Energy Entrepreneur, and a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship. She holds a MIT M.Eng in Civil and Environmental Engineering, a MBA from MIT Sloan, and a B.A. in from Dartmouth College.