Tim Eggert

Tim Eggert

Senior Technical Consultant
GE Water and Process Technologies

Mr. Eggert is a Senior Technical Consultant functioning as a Regional Engineer for the GE Water and Process Technologies Western Geography since 1999. In this role, Mr. Eggert provides Technical recommendations for Boiler, Cooling and Wastewater treatment to the Water and Process Technologies sales force and customers in the west. He specializes in Water Treatment applications in the Power and Refining Industries.

Mr. Eggert has been involved with the use of Reclaimed water in Southern California since the early 1990’s. At that time, he helped developed the treatment program through on site pilot testing for the use of Municipal Reclaim (Title 22)  water as cooling tower makeup. Since that time, reclaim water use in southern California has expanded to multiple sites and industries. Mr. Eggert is part of the team that has successfully used reclaimed water in Refinery Cooling and Boiler systems and Power Cooling and Boiler systems. He also has extensive experience in water treatment equipment design and specification for Wastewater and ZLD processes.

Mr. Eggert has been recognized for his Process solutions with the award of three Chairman’s Awards. He is a co-inventor for a patent for a Novel RO Application and as coauthored and presented a paper on Reclaimed Water at the IWC.

A graduate of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering, Mr. Eggert has over 30 years’ experience in industry and over 25 years of water treatment experience.