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Tiangang Liu

Chu-Tian Professor at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Wuhan University

Tiangang Liu is Chu-Tian Professor at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wuhan University, China. His research interests are the natural products overproduction and discovery. His philosophy is that he wants to deeply understand the pathways he engaged by cell-free system and in vitro reconstitute of whole or partial pathway, and improve the microbial system by a few steps precise engineering works. In last several years, he was collaborating with many companies to improve their strain performances. He also applies his precursor supply systems both in vivo and in vitro for natural products mining.

Tiangang Liu got his PhD at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (2008) and Brown University, US with Prof. Zixin Deng and Prof. David Cane. After two years postdoc with Prof. Chaitan Khosla at Stanford University, he joined Wuhan University at 2010. He serves as director of Hubei Engineering Laboratory for Synthetic Microbiology, Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology (2012) and Chief Engineer of Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology (2014).

Tiangang Liu received several awards and funding in China, including Outstanding Youth Science Foundation (2012) and "Ten thousand plan" - national high level talents special support plan (2015).