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Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh is an Assistant Professor in Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Environmental & Ecological Engineering at Purdue University, USA. Dr Singh’s research focuses on advancing systems methodologies and computational tools for Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Input-Output based LCA and creating cloud-based computational tools for sustainability assessment. Applications of these tools include design for enabling circular economy, evaluating impact of adopting renewable energy and decarbonization, climate change and sustainability of emerging technologies such as bio-based or cyber-physical systems. She is also passionate about diversity and inclusion in education and designs puzzles that imparts game-based systems thinking education for K-12 students to demonstrate power of diversity using Jigsaw Puzzle classroom pedagogy, offered through 4H program at Purdue. Her research is supported by funding from federal, private and non-profit organizations including U.S. National Science Foundation ; U.S. Army Research Labs and international organization such as International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Germany. Dr Singh received B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT, India (2006), Masters in Applied Statistics (2011) and PhD in Chemical Engineering (2012), both from The Ohio State University, USA.