Shuaifei Zhao | AIChE

Shuaifei Zhao

Research Fellow, Membrane Materials
Deakin University

Dr. Shuaifei Zhao has more than 11-year R & D experience in developing new membrane processes and materials for environmental and energy applications. He received academic training in China, Australia and Singapore. He has been an excellent team player in diverse research groups across Australia, Singapore, China and Japan. His main research interest includes: desalination, water treatment, resource recovery, waste utilization and management, and gas separation through various membrane technologies (e.g. forward osmosis, reverse osmosis and membrane distillation). 

Dr. Zhao has published more than 80 journal papers in prestigious international journals, such as Journal of Membrane Science, Environmental Science and Technology, and Chemical Engineering Journal. In recognition of his capabilities and excellence, Dr. Zhao has been awarded an Australian Water Association Award, an Endeavour Fellowship (from Australian Government Department of Education), Macquarie University Academic Staff Award, and an Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Early- and Mid-Career Fellowship (from Australian Academy of Science).