Shawdee Eshghi | AIChE

Shawdee Eshghi

Mammalian Cell Engineer
Ginkgo Bioworks Inc.

Shawdee Eshghi leads Ginkgo’s portfolio of mammalian gene editing and cell therapy programs. She has been building the Mammalian Foundry at Ginkgo since its inception in 2019 and serves as technical leader for diverse projects in synthetic receptor design, discovery of synthetic regulatory elements and high throughput genome editing. Prior to Ginkgo, Shawdee was most recently at Caribou Biosciences, where she helped build the Cas9 gene editing platform and led assay development for the company’s first allogeneic CAR-T product. Shawdee completed a postdoctoral fellowship in stem cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and received an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and doctoral degree in Biological Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.