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Shane Lawson

Dr. Shane Lawson graduated with his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Department at Missouri University of Science and Technology under the supervision of Dr. Fateme Rezaei in May, 2021. Presently, he is employed as a Senior Engineer in the media technology group at Donaldson Company. During his PhD studies, his research goals were to develop functional materials for adsorptive and catalytic applications, with particular emphasis on implementing structured adsorbents and catalysts in applications such as CO2 removal from flue gas, dilute CO2 removal from enclosed environments, CO2-oxidation of propane to propylene, and n-hexane cracking to light olefins. His work has cultivated these applications by developing processes to grow functional species onto inert supports and by 3D printing adsorptive and catalytic monoliths by formulating new additive manufacturing techniques, including sol-gel printing, sacrificial biopolymer templating, and metal-oxide/bentonite direct ink writing. His research also related the effects of structural geometry, macroporosity, and process conditions to the dynamic separation performance of 3D-printed adsorbent monoliths in CO2 adsorption systems. Dr. Lawson’s research has generated one patent with a second having been filed, sixteen co-authored publications, and fifteen first-author publications.