Seher Ozkan | AIChE

Seher Ozkan

Senior Scientist
Ashland Specialty Chemicals

Currently, she works as a Senior Scientist for Ashland Specialty Chemicals (formerly ISP), where her major research areas are correlation of rheological, mechanical and colloidal properties of personal and home care formulations to in vitro performance test results (sensory correlation, bioadhesion, tribology, etc.). Previously, she worked on areas such as process design for continuous twin screw extrusion of complex fluids and solubility enhancement via pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion. Her work is published in Biomaterials, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Journal of Applied Polymer Science and in meeting proceedings such as AAPS, MRS, SOR, ACS and NYSCC. Dr. Seher Ozkan has B.S. and Ms. Sci. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Ms. Eng. And Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT), Hoboken, NJ. She was awarded a Merck Research Laboratories Fellowship, in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Material Science, and Engineering during her graduate studies. She also won the Exxon Mobile award for outstanding achievement in pursuing the PhD degree in Chemical Engineering.