Sandeep S Dhingra | AIChE

Sandeep S Dhingra

Senior Fellow, Packaging & Specialty Plastics and Hydrocarbons

Sandeep Dhingra is a Senior Fellow in Packaging & Specialty Plastics and Hydrocarbons. Sandeep’s current focus is on Hydrocarbons related projects in the critical areas of materials research for separations and cracker furnace applications, carbon circularity, plastic recycling and in the development of improved EO/EG catalysts with extended lifetimes at improved selectivity.

Sandeep joined Dow in 2001 in Core R&D after previous positions at NEC and Mobil/ExxonMobil where he was the Project Leader for the New Materials Discovery and the High Throughput Materials Synthesis groups. He led a number of technical programs with Dow from 2001 to 2004 in the areas of partial oxidation catalysis and hydrocarbon research. In 2004, he moved into the role of the Senior Technical Leader for the Chemical Feedstocks and Process Catalysis group with responsibilities for leading new projects from inception to completion, focusing on the technical areas of inorganic materials and heterogeneous catalysis. In addition, he was responsible for maintaining strong working relationships with Core's business R&D partners, managing the portfolio of long range projects, developing the strategy for the group, its execution, and people development and supporting the development and execution of the overall strategy. After that, he held the role of the R&D Director for the global Analytical Sciences organization within Core R&D. He led the redesign of the global organization aligning it with all business and corporate R&D needs, including the integration of the various functions after the acquisition of Rohm and Hass to enhance the focus and delivery on the R&D projects. In his next role, he was the Program Director in Core R&D aligned with the Ethylene Envelope. In this role, Sandeep was responsible for driving effectiveness and urgency of leveraged R&D capabilities for enabling innovation growth. He was responsible for leading the pipeline of programs supporting new business development, and disruptive & high value technologies aligned with the various GBUs in this Division. In his latest role, Sandeep was the Project Leader for the In-Silico effort within R&D and assisted in driving an implementation strategy.

Sandeep holds a doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from Michigan State University and a bachelor’s of science degree in Chemistry and a master’s of science in Inorganic Chemistry from University of Delhi (India). He has 34 publications in referred journals and holds 17 issued US patents in the field of material science and heterogeneous catalysis.