Sabine Brueske | AIChE

Sabine Brueske

Program Director, Strategic Technical Analysis, Science and Technology Division
Energetics Incorporated

Sabine Brueske has a broad range of technical and management experience in energy use analysis, energy characterization, and advanced energy technology research.  She directs strategic energy program efforts for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. For national laboratories, she leads analysis projects that examine technology research portfolios, energy benchmarking, and energy savings opportunities.  Sabine has led several technology roadmapping projects for the California Energy Commission; one of these efforts provided the opportunity to work with ICOSSE Chair, Silvia Palma-Rojas, on the 2020 Utility-Scale Renewable Power Generation Technology Roadmap. Sabine’s affinity for industry and energy stems from an early introduction to industrial engineering and the desire to follow in her father’s footsteps as an industrial process engineer. She started her industrial career electroplating airbag initiators at Coorstek and went on to demonstrate an award-winning waste heat chiller project at a petroleum refinery. Her days are now filled with facilitating strategic and technical meetings and delivering roadmaps and congressional reports; however, her foundation of in-the-field engineering remains strongly rooted.