Ruth Misener | AIChE

Ruth Misener

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
Imperial College London

Dr Ruth Misener is a Senior Lecturer in Computational Optimization and EPSRC Early Career Research Fellow (2017-2022) in the Imperial College London Department of Computing. Ruth received an SB from MIT and a PhD from Princeton under the direction of Professor C A Floudas. Foundations of her research are in numerical optimization algorithms. Applications include bioprocess optimization under uncertainty and petrochemical process network design and operations. Ruth has co-authored software including ANTIGONE for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization. Ruth received the 2017 Macfarlane Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the 2014 Smith Publication Award from the AIChE Computing & Systems Technology Division. She is an associate editor of Computers & Chemical Engineering and serves on the editorial boards INFORMS Journal on Computing, Journal of Global Optimization, and Mathematical Programming B.