Ronald R. Chance | AIChE

Ronald R. Chance

Vice President, Engineering
Algenol Biotech LLC

Ronald R. Chance is the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Algenol Biotech LLC in Fort Myers, Florida.

In his first research position at Allied-Signal (now Honeywell), Dr. Chance helped lead scientific and inventive programs related to time-temperature indicators, underpinning the company TempTime Corporation — which for 30 years has supplied life-saving devices to ensure vaccine integrity.  

During his 20-year in management at Exxon Corporate Research, his contributions included co-invention of ExxonMobil’s SpeedPass customer identification system. As a Distinguished Scientific Advisor at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, he promoted energy and environmentally friendly separation processes involving membranes and adsorption processes.   

While on the faculty at Georgia Tech, Ronald led a joint Georgia Tech-Algenol team in the first peer-reviewed life cycle analysis that showed the potential of algal-based biofuels to achieve 70% carbon footprint relative to gasoline. This work led to approval of Algenol’s pathway for an algal-based biorefinery, and in 2015 Ronald led the engineering construction and downstream operations team for the first photobioreactor-based algal biorefinery to produce fuel grade ethanol biofuel.

He has documented his work in 175 articles and 30 patents.