Ron Bolts | AIChE

Ron Bolts

Sr. Manager of Embedded Systems Development Team
Thermo Fisher

Ron grew up in South Central Los Angeles, and at the age of 8 was exposed to electronics for the first time. Attending a Science Camp, Ron built an electric motor and a crystal radio. At that Instant he was hooked on electronics. Taking the bus to the main downtown library reading every book on electronics resulting in designing his own kits and eventually building a HAM radio set.  Attending Los Angeles High School Ron took electronic shop classes every semester working with a team building a color television. 

Ron’s college track started at California Polytechnic University Pomona majoring in Engineering Electronics eventually transferring to University of Southern California completing a dual degree program obtaining BA Computer Science and BS Engineering Electronics. 

Now many years in the engineering industry, Ron’s accomplishments include developing the world’s first PBX in a PC the PCBX. (A PBX allows multiple calls to be made from on single telephone number. It also allowed organizations to set up extensions, auto-attendants, and to route calls within and out of the organization).  Further development of telecom DSL Central Office Card technology, Soft Touch Robotics Technology, Operating System incorporated in the Mars Rover, Integrated Fabrication Systems that produced the Pentium Chips, and now manager/developer of Instruments that perform qPCR Polymerase Chain Reaction Image Detection, DNA/RNA Sample Preparation, and DNA/RNA Sequencers.

Ron’s patent life started in the 1980s with the PABX along, ending with several patents obtained in Biotech Instrument design while working at Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies, and Thermo Fisher.

Keenly aware of giving back, Ron has been a Youth Baseball Coach and heading Tutorial Programs for over 25 years combined. Bolts is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated and National Society of Black Engineers.