Rodney Dotson | AIChE

Rodney Dotson

Director of the Institute for High Performance Learning (HPL)
City College of New York

Rodney Dotson currently serves as Director of the Institute for High Performance Learning (HPL) at the City College of New York. HPL is a science education and leadership development program developed by Mr. Dotson for talented K-12 youth interested to pursue careers in mathematics and science related fields. He earned a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Tennessee and a masters degree in Management Science Engineering from Stanford University. Dotson has also worked as a chemical manufacturing process engineer for Eastman Kodak Company, and as an information and management technology consultant. Since 2001, Mr. Dotson has worked in the field of K-12 education and youth talent development. He currently serves on AIChEs (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Societal Impact Operating Council and chairs the K-12 Outreach Committee. Mr. Dotson also serves as the Institutes liaison for AAES (American Institute of Engineering Societies) for K-12 education outreach.