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Robyn Gatens

Deputy Director
ISS Division and System Capability Leader for Environmental Control and Life Support Systems at NASA

Ms. Robyn Gatens is the Deputy Director of the International Space Station Division at NASA Headquarters, in the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, and also serves as NASA’s Systems Maturation Team lead for Environmental Control and Life Support and Environmental Monitoring Systems. Ms. Gatens began her NASA career in 1985 at the Marshall Space Flight Center, and has 31 years of experience in development and management of Environmental Control and Life Support Systems for the human spaceflight. Ms. Gatens has held various leadership positions at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and served as Manager for the Orion Crew Support and Thermal Systems from 2009-2012 before transferring to NASA Headquarters. Prior to being selected as Deputy Director, Ms. Gatens served as the Systems and Technology Demonstration Manager for the ISS Division, focusing agency efforts to utilize the ISS as a testbed to mature technologies needed for future missions. Ms. Gatens is also currently spearheading NASA’s strategic planning for enabling a Low Earth Orbit commercial economy leveraging the ISS. Ms. Gatens holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.