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Robert (Bobby) L. Satcher

Assistant Professor
MD Anderson Cancer Center- Department of Orthopedic Oncology

Dr Robert (Bobby) L. Satcher , earned his BS  and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993) and his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1994. He was selected for Astronaut training after his Post Doctoral research Fellowship  work at MIT. He flew on the 31st Space Shuttle Mission , STS-129  to the Space Station, in November 2009, logging 259 hours in space ,  and performing two successful Space Walks (EVA Extra Vehicular Activity), of 12  hours duration, .  The Space Shuttle mission was completed in 10 days.  With the ending of the Shuttle Program, Dr Satcher returned to Medical Practice,  joining MD Anderson  Cancer Center  in Houston, as Assistant Professor in the department of Orthopedic Oncology. Dr. Satcher recently received a grant from AT&T to establish a Telesurgery Platform at MD Anderson.  He has tutored “at risk students”  in inner cities in California, in Math and Science.  Dr. Satcher was a member of the Robert H. Lurie, Cancer Center and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at Northwestern University. He is also a Board Certified Physician at the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery with licenses  in Texas and California. He is a member of the Visiting Committee , Whittaker College of Biomedical Science at MIT and serves as  Astronaut Representative  for the NASA Committee for Protection of Human Subjects in Space. He is also  a member of Doctors United in Medical Missions, where he  has performed  outreach medical missions in underserved countries  including Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nigeria, and Gabon.