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Richard Palluzi

Richard P. Palluzi, P.E., CSP, is a consultant on all aspects of safety and design for pilot plants, laboratories, and research facilities and operations (Richard Palluzi LLC; Email: He retired after almost 40 years as the senior pilot plant and laboratory design and safety specialist at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, where he was involved in the design, construction, and support of pilot plants and laboratories for ExxonMobil affiliates worldwide. Palluzi is the author of two books, 150 articles, and 100 presentations. He was chair of the AIChE Pilot Plant Committee, ExxonMobil’s Pilot Plant and Laboratory Safety Standards Committee, and ExxonMobil’s Clinton Facility Safe Operation Team. He is a member of AIChE’s Process Development Div. and was elected an AIChE Fellow in 2021. He is a licensed professional engineer and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). Palluzi has a BS and an MS in chemical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.