Rainer Hoff | AIChE

Rainer Hoff

Gateway Group

Dr. Hoff is a distinguished educator and leader in process safety management, known for his exceptional teaching qualifications. As founder and president of Gateway Group, an international consulting and solutions provider, he has pioneered innovations in process safety information management and risk-based process safety applications.

An AIChE Fellow, Dr. Hoff has published dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and delivered over 100 presentations at technical conferences. He has also developed and presented numerous short courses on process safety information management, management of change, and now AI in PSM.

Dr. Hoff's groundbreaking work began in the 1990s, leading the design of the first global electronic document management systems in the chemical (Monsanto) and refining (Chevron) industries. He was awarded the Carl E. Nelson Engineering Award for his pioneering efforts in the petrochemical industry.

In 2009, Dr. Hoff's team developed the FACILEX® suite of process safety management applications running on the Microsoft 365 platform, now considered the industry "gold standard." FACILEX® is built on using off-the-shelf software components, maintaining process integrity, and ensuring local configurability with global consistency. Dr. Hoff led the development of documented, in-person and on-line training for FACILEX®.