Piet Huizenga | AIChE

Piet Huizenga

Principal Science Expert Chemical Engineering
Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

Piet was born in 1970 in the Netherlands and graduated cum laude in 1993 from Twente University (The Netherlands). In 1998 he completed his PhD in the group of Wim van Swaaij at Twente University.

Before joining Shell in 2003, Piet worked at the Geleen site of DSM (1998-2003) providing technology support to the steam crackers. At Shell, Piet started to work at Shell Global Solutions in different roles for base chemicals, including technology support to various processes and hydrotreater technology development.

From 2011 onward Piet is working on novel technologies for Shell as (Chemical) Process Development engineer. He was appointed Principal Science Expert in the area of Chemical Engineering by Shell in 2014 and holds 30 patents in the area. Together with his wife and 3 children, Piet lives near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Besides spending time with his family, he likes to read, swim and cycle.