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Peter Bullemer

Dr. Peter Bullemer is a partner with Human Centered Solutions, LLP (HCS). HCS is a North American consulting services company with expertise in applying innovative, proven solutions that improve human performance in the industrial process control work environment.Specifically, Peter specializes in the applications of human factors principles and human-centered design methodologies to optimize the influence of culture, organizational structures, management systems and use of technology on operator and plant performance. Dr. Bullemer, formerly a scientist in the Honeywell corporate research group in Minneapolis, has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from the University of Minnesota. 

Peter is a co-founder and former leader of the Abnormal Situation Management® (ASM®) Consortium as the Principal Investigator from 1992 to 1998 and the Director from 1999 to 2002.  With over twenty years of programmatic and technical leadership experience in the research and development of advanced practical solutions, Peter has been instrumental in advancing the process industry operational practices in operator interface design, control building design, procedure design, and operator staffing assessment methodology.