Patrick Rüdelsheim | AIChE

Patrick Rüdelsheim

Partner, General Manager

After obtaining a PhD in biology (University of Antwerp, Belgium), he joined the biotechnology research department at D.J. Vanderhave B.V. In 1990 he moved to Plant Genetic Systems N.V., responsible for "Global Regulatory Affairs" and held this position following corporate changes in AgrEvo, Aventis CropScience and Bayer CropScience.

In 2003, he became General Partner of Perseus BVBA, a service provider focused on biosafety and related regulatory requirements. Since mid-2015, he is also Senior Regulatory Advisor for ABS-int CVBA, multi-disciplinary initiative on "Access and Benefit Sharing" requirements.

He is guest professor at the University of Antwerp and the University of Ghent. Furthermore, he is an active member of several societies, including the International Society for Biosafety Research (President 2008 – 2010) and the European BioSafety Association (President 2011)