Norman Relkin | AIChE

Norman Relkin

Brilliant Health

Dr Norman Relkin is a board--certified Neurologist and Neuroscientist who leads Brilliant Health LLC,  a Tucson-based start-up company that develops unique botanical extracts designed to improve human health. For more than two decades, Dr Relkin was a faculty member of the Weil Cornell Medical College in New York where he practiced Neurology and served as the Founding Director of the Cornell Memory Disorders Program.  He has authored over a hundred peer-reviewed articles on human dementia and related laboratory and brain imaging-related methodologies. He has also served as an investigator and consultant to numerous pre-clinical studies as well as all phases of human clinical trials on pharmaceuticals and biologics.  Dr Relkin designed and served as Principal Investigator in the NIH-funded 42 center pivotal study of Intravenous Immunoglubulin for Alzheimer disease.  He has made important contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of reversible dementias such as Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and is a founding member of North American and Chinese Adult Hydrocephalus consortia. Leveraging his experience as a practicing physician, laboratory scientist and pharmaceutical industry consultant, Dr Relkin spent the past five years building the technology platforms and product portfolio of Brilliant Health LLC, which he co-founded and now serves as its CEO.