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Nicholas Kotov

Nicholas A. Kotov received his degrees from the Moscow State University with his diploma and PhD studies centered on bioinspired harvesting of solar energy.  His postdoctoral studies in Syracuse University encompassed the synthesis and self-assembly of biomimetic nanocomposites.  After taking a position of an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University he expanded the field of biomimetic processes and materials by  establishing  a research program on self-assembly of nanostructures. Nicholas is currently holding the rank of  Irving Langmuir Distinguished University Professor of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Michigan. He  heads the laboratory and international team of scientists working on practical implementations and theoretical foundations of Biomimetic Nanostructures.  Self-assembly and optical properties of chiral nanoparticles and their superstructures represent a focal point for the continuum of bioinspired nanoscale materials with significance to physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Nicholas is a co-founder of five startup companies and a passionate advocate for scientists with disabilities.