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Molly Stevens

Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine
Imperial College London

Molly Stevens is Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine in the Department of Materials and the Department of Bioengineering, and the Research Director for Biomedical Material Sciences at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

She joined Imperial in 2004 as a lecturer after Postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Professor Robert Langer in the Chemical Engineering Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Prior to this she graduated from Bath University with a First Class Honours degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and was then awarded a PhD in biophysical investigations of specific biomolecular interactions and single biomolecule mechanics from the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis at the University of Nottingham (2000).

The Stevens Group is a large and extremely multidisciplinary research group of students, postdocs and research fellows. They use innovative bioengineering approaches to pursue their vision of solving key problems in regenerative medicine and biosensing. Their research spans drug delivery, bioactive materials, tissue engineering, biosensing, materials characterisation, soft robotics and the interface between living and non-living matter, and is underpinned by collaborations with data scientists and molecular dynamics experts. This work is inherently interdisciplinary, so the group is made up of a diverse cast of materials scientists, engineers, chemists, biologists, physicists and surgeons. See the full list of Professor Stevens' research publications.

Professor Stevens is Fellow of 8 UK Societies including the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2019, she was elected Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering (USA). She holds numerous leadership positions, for instance Director of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform “Smart Materials” Hub, Deputy Director of the EPSRC funded Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Early-Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Diseases, Associate Director of the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, previous member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council for Advanced Materials, Scientist Trustee of the National Gallery (London, UK), Associate Editor of ACS Nano and previous reviewing editor at Science, amongst many other roles.

Professor Stevens has been the recipient of over 30 prestigious awards, including the Acta Biomaterialia Silver Medal (2020), Surfaces and Interfaces Award (Royal Society of Chemistry 2019), Rosalind Franklin Medal and Prize (Institute of Physics, 2018), the Harrison Medal (Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 2017) and the Imperial College President’s Award and Medal for Outstanding Research Team (2016). View the full list on the Stevens Group website.