Moh EL Naamani | AIChE

Moh EL Naamani

Leads Business and Product Development for the Digital Enterprise Lab (DE-L)

Moh EL Naamani leads business and product development for the Digital Enterprise Lab (DE-L) at Siemens. His team works with product owners, software architects, test and operations teams, and data analysts to bring fascinating new internet of things (IoT) products into the market using modern technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. His department is part of an innovative, global team focusing on the development of software-based cloud applications using a “Customer First & Co-Creational” approach to deliver customer centric solutions. Naamani has an MBA with a concentration in information security. His 12 years of experience with Siemens includes energy controls and instrumentation, digitalization, automation, strategy, software and product development, cybersecurity, and IT technologies.