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Michelle Murphy

ioMosaic Corporation

Ms. Murphy is a partner of ioKinetic, LLC, headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire. Michelle is an expert in process safety and risk management and currently manages chemical reactivity and combustible dust characterization testing. Her areas of expertise include combustible dust hazard management, reactive chemical evaluation, kinetic modeling, reactive vent size evaluation, process safety management, and process hazard analysis (PHA). Her process safety work has been conducted throughout the chemical and oil and gas industries, including specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, oil production and refining, as well as agricultural processing facilities.

Prior to joining ioKinetic, Ms. Murphy was a Partner at ioMosaic Corporation where she managed all laboratory testing services for ioMosaic and ioKinetic. Prior to ioMosaic, Ms. Murphy was a manager at Arthur D. Little, Inc. where she worked for ten years in process safety and risk management. Ms. Murphy previously worked as an engineer in the Butyl Polymers Technology Group of Exxon Chemical Corporation.