Michael McAtee | AIChE

Michael McAtee

Senior Vice President Strategic Projects

Mike McAtee, a native of Colorado, earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Professional Career

• 1984: Joined BASF Corporation, Freeport, Texas site. Held various positions in Operations and Engineering in Acrylates, Acetates, Syngas, Oxo Alcohols and Diols until 1992
• 1992: Delegate, BASF Group, Ludwigshafen, Germany. Held positions in Operations and Technology Licensing in Industrial Chemicals and Base Chemicals
• 1994: Operations Director, Oxo Alcohols and Diols, Freeport, Texas site
• 1999: Director of Operations, Superabsorbent Polymers in NorthAmerica and Site Manager of the Portsmouth, VA, site
• 2001: Director of Operations, Fine Chemicals in North America and Site Manager of the Wilmington, NC, site
• 2003: General Manager, Petrochemicals Operations in North America and Site Manager of the Port Arthur, Texas,site
• 2007: Senior VP of Engineering and Maintenance for North America; Houston, Texas
• 2016: Senior VP of Strategic Projects for North America; Houston, Texas

Current Responsibilities

Mike is responsible for leading and supporting Strategic Projects in Manufacturing for BASF Corporation in North America. These projects include key areas where BASF plays a role in advancing Manufacturing as part of the National economic agenda with a focus on Technology, Workforce Development, and STEM education, with a special emphasis to position BASF as a key innovator and employer of choice in North America. He is also leading initiatives to drive more effective and consistent performance in Maintenance and Turnaround activities for BASF worldwide.