Michael Krel | AIChE

Michael Krel

Principal, Industrial Biotechnology Funds

"Gotham SSm B";color:#333333">Michael joined Sofinnova in 2013 and has been involved in the investment activity of the Sofinnova Green Seed Fund and Sofinnova Capital funds and Sofinnova IB 1 fund, a 125 million euros fund dedicated to the decarbonization of the chemical industry. He is an observer on Comet Biorefining board. He was the acting CEO of EnobraQ at the very beginning of the company, and remains a board member since a new CEO has been hired.

Prior to Sofinnova, Michael spent two years as VP Business Development at Deinove, a biotech company developing second generation biofuels and biochemicals. Before that, Michael was a Business Development Manager at Metabolic Explorer, a biotech company focused on the development of processes and products in renewable chemistry, where he contributed to the development of industrial projects, particularly in Asia. Previously, and after his PhD in chemistry, Michael helped to develop a consulting company focused on strategic and organizational issues in scientific and technical environments, where he worked with major French energy and materials industrial groups