Michael A. Gonzalez | AIChE

Michael A. Gonzalez

Senior Supervisory Chemist in EPA’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory
US Environmental Protection Agency

Trained as a synthetic inorganic chemist for catalyst development, Michael is a pioneer and recognized global leader in the design of green and sustainable chemical synthesis routes. As his interests evolved with EPA priorities, he moved into the intersection of chemistry and chemical engineering. This includes the development of process intensified chemical pathways and using novel chemical reactor systems to influence chemical route and process design with emphasis on Sustainable Materials Management Strategies and Pollution Prevention. Michael is also a co-inventor of EPA’s GREENSCOPE tool which can evaluate a chemical synthesis or process for its sustainability value in the areas of environment, efficiency, energy and economics. These efforts were further extended into sustainability performance evaluation of chemical processes and supply chains, life cycle inventory and assessment, and multi-criteria decision-making. More recently, Michael has utilized his experience and knowledge for support ORDs efforts for advancing TSCA priorities for evaluating the life cycle impacts of chemicals and identified alternatives. Michael is named inventor on 10 US patents and patent applications and 6 world patents.