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Matthew Kolmes

Supreme Corporation

Mr. Kolmes is the CEO of Supreme Corporation, USA. Supremes’ Mission is to make the highest quality cut, slash, and abrasion resistant yarns, fabrics, and safety products in the world, utilizing proprietary coatings engineered to provide antimicrobial, flame retardant (FR), durable water repellent (DWR), and other desired protective finishes.  Supreme celebrated its fifty-fifth year in business this July and has engineered yarns, fabrics, and safety products for such prestigious organizations including the Japanese Police Department, Dutch SWAT, The Italian Ministry of Defense, and in America for the New York Police Department (NYPD). Supreme engineers a diverse array of extremely high-tech yarns, including those that are used for body implants and medical devices, and conductive and reflective yarns used for Military, Police and Sports applications. Our latest projects include creating a durable flame retardant application for elastic (diabetic compression socks) and poly olefin fibers, and our award-winning VOLT Smart Yarns, and the launch of our Wearable Tech division last year. 

Background: Matthew Kolmes has a degree in Economics from New York University (1994)  and graduated from New York Law School in 1997. He has a background in Civil Litigation and Intellectual Property Law. After ten years as a Litigation Attorney, Mr. Kolmes joined Supreme Corporation in 2007 as a salesman and traveled extensively until 2009 launching and promoting the Tuff-N-Lite® brand all over the world.  In 2009, Mr. Kolmes made the transition to In-House Counsel for Supreme Corporation and managed the Patent, Trademark, and Trade Secret aspects of Supreme’s Intellectual Property portfolio. In 2011, Mr. Kolmes became the Executive Vice-President of Supreme Corporation, and continues to work as In-House Counsel, and focuses on new Product Development, and Operations Management. In 2014 Mr. Kolmes became the CEO of Supreme Corporation. The development of new technology and the Licensing and Commercialization of that technology are his prime focus at Supreme Corporation. In 2017, Supreme launched a new division of the company called VOLT Smart Yarns.  The yarns were a leap forward in technology to the Wearable Tech industry and immediately won the IFAI Innovation Award for Best New Product of 2017.  Last year Supreme launched VOLT Wearable Tech as a new division of the company that matches electronics and textiles in new configurations made available to other companies and will develop unique wearable tech to transform the world of IoT enabled clothing.  Mr. Kolmes lives with his wife and three sons in Hickory North Carolina, and his hobbies are snowboarding, playing speed chess online, and riding motorcycles.