Mary Ann Curran | AIChE

Mary Ann Curran

LCA & Sustainbility Expert

Mary Ann is an internationally-recognized expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Through years of research, networking, and publishing, she developed an in-depth knowledge of the field and created an extensive network of LCA researchers and practitioners world-wide. Before retiring from EPA in late 2012,

Mary Ann’s research activities included the development of LCA methodology, the performance and review of life-cycle case studies, planning life-cycle workshops and conferences, and the development of a life cycle data and resources. Building awareness within and outside the Agency regarding the importance of  LCA regarding the protection of human health and the environment, her activities contributed to the Laboratory’s reputation as a leader in LCA research and development. She now offers her knowledge and experience as an independent consultant.

Mary Ann has authored and co-authored numerous papers and book chapters which address the LCA concept and its applications. She has presented LCA-related talks at technical meetings across the US and in Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia, and Australia.