Markus E. Scheller | AIChE

Markus E. Scheller

Dr. Markus E. Scheller has worked for several companies including BASF, Ciba-Geigy for almost 30 years. After receiving his PhD in organic chemistry at the ETH in Zürich (1985) and a teaching degree for undergraduate institutes (1985) Markus started as research chemist at Syntex in Palo Alto California. In 1987 he moved to Switzerland working for Ciba-Geigy in Process Development learning how to effectively introduce new research products into full-blown production facilities. During this time he had the opportunity to gain leadership experience in high schools as well as for many years as commander in the Swiss Military. In 1989 he co-led a major international project creating fully automated chemical synthesis production facilities in Switzerland (Kaisten) and USA (McIntosh). Subsequently he joined the US team in McIntosh Alabama for 14 years, first as head for production Specialty Additives, then for Antioxidants. Dr. Scheller was named Process Development head NAFTA in 1999, with facilities in Puebla, McIntosh and Canada covering Process Research, Process Development and Plant Support, including online and offline Analytic / Quality Control. In 2001 Markus position was expanded and he was appointed to lead the Global Process / Technology department for the Additive division with activities in USA, India, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc. Then in 2008 Dr. Scheller was transferred to Switzerland and was nominated as Site Manager of the BASF production facility in Monthey.

Markus has made numerous invited conference presentations and guest lectures on the chemical industry, sharing his international leadership experience.