Mariko Okada | AIChE

Mariko Okada

Principal Investigator
Laboratory for Integrated Cellular Systems, RIKEN

Mariko Okada is the principal investigator and team leader for the laboratory for integrated cellular systems at RIKEN institute, Mariko's main research field is cellular systems biology and has worked with quantitative experiments and mathematical modeling for an understanding of cell decision mechanisms, omics analysis of cell systems Cell biology, and system genome science.


Mammalian signal transduction pathways transfer a variety of extracellular information to transcription factors in the nucleus to regulate gene expression and cell fate. The aims of the laboratory are to define the general regulatory logics in signal transduction-transcriptional networks to apply this knowledge of regulatory principles to the understanding and treatment of human diseases. Particularly, we focus on the time-course process on signal-dependent early transcriptional regulation in the proliferation or differentiation of cancer and immune cells. Our laboratory uses both wet-lab (cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry) and dry-lab approaches (bioinformatics, computation, mathematics) to solve this question.

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