Marc Karell

Marc Karell

Climate Change & Environmental Services, LLC

Marc Karell, P.E., CEM, EBCP has a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University. He has worked in the environmental, energy, and sustainability areas for over 25 years. He is the owner of a consulting firm, Climate Change & Environmental Services (website:, specializing in the areas of climate change, energy, and air and environmental compliance. We are dedicated to performing our projects to deliver the maximum financial, as well as environmental, benefits for our clients.

For Climate Change and energy, we perform:

  • greenhouse gas emission inventories (carbon footprinting),
  • a wide variety of energy audits and evaluations, including ASHRAE I - III energy audits for diverse building types (offices, schools, residences, etc.),
  • sustainability program development and metrics,
  • green building assessments,
  • strategic evaluations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage while maximizing financial gains,
  • external program coordination and application, and
  • system development so that a company can continue its program independently.

For environmental compliance, we perform:

  • air and other emission inventories,
  • compliance audits,
  • strategic advice to cost-effectively comply or maintain compliance,
  • agency negotiations,
  • design of air pollution control devices, and
  • design of appropriate monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting systems.

Marc Karell can be reached at 914-584-6720 or at