Marat Mamedov | AIChE

Marat Mamedov

Co-Owner and Founder
Boardroom Spirits

Marat Mamedov is a co-owner and founder of Boardroom Spirits distillery, headquarter in Lansdale, PA. A Drexel-graduate who grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs after emigrating to the US in 1991, Marat started his post-college career working at Deloitte Consulting. While enjoying a successful career at Deloitte, Marat decided to engage in an ambitious journey of opening a craft distillery with his wife and brother. The vision was to create the highest quality spirits, being transparent about our practices, using only real ingredients while running a sustainable operation. After a year and a half of R&D in Hungary, an investment in state-of-the-art distilling equipment, and transforming a warehouse into a functional distillery, Boardroom Spirits opened to the public in February 2016. Celebrity Chef and fitness guru, Robert Irvine, partnered with Boardroom Spirits becoming a part owner in 2017. Boardroom Spirits plans to continue to expand its growing distribution and retail footprint while staying true to our philosophy of not taking any shortcuts in our production practices.