Lynn M. Wendt | AIChE

Lynn M. Wendt

Research Scientist
Idaho National Laboratory

Lynn Wendt has been a research scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory since 2002. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in biology from Idaho State University. Lynn has worked on feedstock supply issues for over 14 years on topics related to preservation of biomass during storage. An emphasis of this research has been on preserving both dry matter and quality of stored biomass, as well as identifying the logistics operations and associated costs of bulk, high moisture biomass and large-scale storage at a biorefinery gate. In addition, Lynn’s research is focused on approaches to enable value-added biomass upgrades or enabling co-products in the feedstock logistics supply chain including within long-term storage. Lynn is also investigating algal biomass stabilization and preprocessing approaches to reduce the risk of feedstock loss associated with seasonal variability of algal biomass.