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Luke Macfarlan

Dr. Luke H. Macfarlan completed his undergraduate degree with a double major in mechanical engineering and chemistry before obtaining his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin under Dr. Bruce Eldridge. As a member of the James R. Fair Process Science and Technology Center in graduate school, he utilized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to predict the mass transfer in structured packing column internals. Dr. Macfarlan conducted geometry studies to determine the impact of a packing’s shape on its mass transfer and hydraulic performance. He also developed novel CFD analysis methodologies for analyzing liquid-phase transport phenomena in structured packings and for simulating interfacial mass transfer. He currently works as a Polymer Engineer at Schlumberger focusing on new product development. Dr. Macfarlan is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, a National Merit Scholar, and a Eastman Graduate Summer Fellow in Chemical Engineering.