Lloyd F. Colegrove | AIChE

Lloyd F. Colegrove

Director of Data Services & Director of Fundamental Problem Solving, Manufacturing and Engineering

Lloyd F. Colegrove is the Director of Data Services and the Director of Fundamental Problem Solving within Manufacturing and Engineering. He also is the Analytics Platform Director for Dow’s Manufacturing and Engineering’s Industry 4.0 program.   Lloyd’s background is in Chemical Physics where he obtained a B.S. and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.  He spent 7 years in Polymer Research in Dow (R&D and TS&D) before moving into Manufacturing in an Analytical Improvement role and then a Quality Leader for five Dow businesses before moving to help establish a new capability called Fundamental Problem Solving, where top chemists and engineers work on complex, often multi-effect, plant problems.  With this established, he refocused his efforts working to establish the data initiatives that support this work.   Lloyd is married with two daughters and is an avid cyclist, hiker and landscaper.